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After a long absence, I've decided to give LJ another shot.
Given all of my life changes in the past year, I've purged almost everyone from my friends list here (if I've seen you and we were friendly in the past year you're safe, but that's a short list).  If you'd like to be friends again (or be on my sex filter for that matter), let me know!

Looking for work in a more serious manner

I'm still in the market for a job.  I would like to find one that makes good use of my skills as an industrial designer and/or Solidworks CAD modeler, but at this point I think I'd be willing to settle for one that simply pays well enough.

I've added a new page to my website with links to my resumé and portfolio; you can find it here.  I've also updated my LinkedIn profile.  If any of you can help me in my job search, I would greatly appreciate it.


It has come to this

Ever since I moved to Boston I've been trying to avoid this, but it now seems I have little choice.

I need to find a job.


So!  I have a BS in industrial design from DAAP, and seven years' worth of experience in Solidworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  I'm especially good at mechanical design that is both functional and beautiful.  I'm also quite good at teaching the above skills (anyone have connections to local design schools?).

I'm also quite good at physical labor: I'm well versed in the use of most power tools, and I pick up new skills rather quickly.

Really I'm interested in anything that will pay, so feel free to throw any ideas my way.  Hell, I kinda wish host clubs were a thing here; I'd probably be really good at that.  Ah well.

I'll work up a resume and polish up my old design portfolio and post those here soon.


Building a mailing list in no time flat

Hey everyone,

So, as some of you might have heard, I'm launching a kickstarter project soon, and I need to build a large mailing list in no time flat.  I've been told to look at the five following services:

Do any of you have any experience with any of these?  Any suggestions of others I might consider?


So hey.

It has been brought to my attention that there are people out in LJ land (and beyond) that are crushing on me.

I have all the feels! See, before I moved to Boston I never felt that attractive. Even now, more than two years after first coming to Boston, I still find it kind of surprising. Intellectually I know this is silly, but there you go.

Complicating matters further is the fact that I spend the vast majority of my time working, so even though I like the idea of seeing other people I barely have the time for shadesong, let alone someone else.

So! Allow me to simplify things.

I love to flirt! I love to hug and cuddle! Even though shadesong and are only quasi-open, feel free to express your attraction! I won't always be in the process of launching a startup, and if we're ever going to date we'll need to become good friends first anyway.

Which reminds me: a note to the boys: while I will flirt and hug and cuddle with you just as much as the girls, it's highly unlikely we'll end up dating. As much as I wish I was bi, at this point I'm pretty sure I'm straight.

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My Arisia Schedule


8:30pm @ Independence: Build a Siege Engine

Staging a siege this Arisia? We've got all the craft sticks, rubber bands, and stale marshmallows you'll need! Come design your own trebuchet, mangonel, ballista, or catapult and compete with your friends!

10:00pm @ Independence: What Are Makerspaces?

Have you heard about Makerspaces and Hackerspaces, but not sure what they are? Our panelists will tell you all about these amazing institutions and their benefits to the community.


2:30pm @ Independence: 3D Printing: What's Next?

From industrial machines to home-made RepRap machines, 3D printers are becoming more and more common. This technology is currently being used to print not only parts for models but food, guns, and potentially human organs—what will the future hold? What would a society that can fabricate nearly anything from a stored image and base materials look like? How close are we to getting there?

5:30pm @ Independence: Art Exchange Prep 1

Take some time out to sit and chat with other attendees while you create small art projects to take home, or exchange on Monday at the Maker Fair. Possibilities include Artist Trading Cards, small knitted or crocheted projects, and small jewelry projects.

8:30pm @ Independence: How to Go Pro as a Maker

Interested in turning your hobby into your profession? Come hear from our panelists who have done just that as they cover everything from raising funding to forming an LLC.


2:30pm @ Independence: Art Exchange Prep 2

Take some time out to sit and chat with other attendees while you create small art projects to take home, or exchange on Monday at the Maker Fair. Possibilities include Artist Trading Cards, small knitted or crocheted projects, and small jewelry projects.

10:00pm @ Independence: The Future of Rapid Prototyping Technology

3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, SLS machines... As the technology improves, these tools are starting to be used for actual production, not just prototyping. Where is this trend going? Are Star Trek style replicators on their way?


I am only now seeing that apparently neither of my big panels will be in a room large enough for them.  This is not how they were scheduled.



Good feelings

I'm at my job helping to restore an old house, and as I was sweeping dust and debris off the top of the front porch I noticed a woman walking a baby down the street towards the house. When she got close I stopped sweeping so I wouldn't get dust on them.

She looked up, smiled, and thanked me.

What a great feeling.

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Damn, that's one slippery wagon

I was a posting machine for five days, and then the weekend happend.  Then shadesong's parents came to came to town.  Then I was just out of the habit.


So!  Back on I go!

Three gratitudes!

My job working for the carpenter continues to go well.  Particularly, he's fine with me taking days off to work on my own stuff; something I don't think I'd get with most jobs (especially ones that pay this well).

Speaking of shadesong's parents, they like me!  Hooray!  While I usually show well to parents, I was a little worried this time because they're still new to the whole idea of poly.  Thankfully, we got along very well.  I think it also helped a great deal that they saw how close Adam and I are.

Finally, the weather!  It is awesome!  I can finally wear my kilt again!

Three (late) things

I'm late!  It's been a bit of a day.

That bit of rendering I mentioned yesterday?  Was even faster and easier than I had anticipated.  Looks like those years in design school are paying off after all!

I had a good meeting with Dan, a business consultant at the Asylum.  He's been offering free consultations for members of the Asylum just as a way to give back to the community, and so far I've found his advice very helpful.  My current mission?  Find some local people to sell Kikori kits to.

Finally, I'm thankful that I've got a flexible schedule.  Sometimes I worry that the lack of structure hinders my ability to be as productive as I might otherwise be, but I gotta tell you, it'd damn handy when the handyman's late and needs to send someone over later in the day to take a look at your thermostat.